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Pastor Jim Rugg

Hello Friends,

I believe we have rounded the corner so to speak, we've survived some pretty cold weather elements, and we have the hope of spring beginning real soon. What I like about spring is the emergence of new life, that which was dormant comes to life, and the belief of what we sow will come to pass. Example: last fall I planted several bags of tulip bulbs in anticipation that after winter would come beautiful tulips. It is like this in our relationships ~ what you sow, so shall you reap. If you sow the fruit of the spirit through your life, the harvest is a tree of good fruit in your life.

As Jesus says in Matthew 12:35
"The good person out of the good treasure [within him] brings forth good [things], and the evil person out of the evil treasure [within him] brings forth evil [things].

I pray that you will look to the WORD and sow much good!!

Stay in prayer, Stay in the Word, Stay Connected

Pastor Jim

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From Fame to Faith: The Anthony Greve Story -- (04/14/2014)
The lead guitar in the hard rock band, Pop Evil, Tony Greve seemingly had the world by the tail, but nothing — the fame, the women, the drugs, the partying — could fill the emptiness inside of him. Then he encountered Christ and hope came alive, but his journey was not without serious challenges!
Light for the Lost Brings Hope to Rwanda and Beyond -- (04/14/2014)
Just 20 years ago, the Rwanda Assemblies of God was nearly wiped out. Today, the church is flourishing with more than 40,000 believers and 150 established churches. Light for the Lost is playing a key role in supplying churches and leaders in Rwanda with the resources they need to reach people for Christ.
This Week in AG History -- April 15, 1944 -- (04/14/2014)
J. W. Welch, an early chairman, described missions as the reason-for-being of the Assemblies of God. At the 1943 General Council of the Assemblies of God unanimously approved becoming a member of the National Association of Evangelicals, as the Assemblies of God desired a sweet spirit of fellowship, rather than condemnation of other Christians "who may not see eye to eye" on everything. Read Stanley Frodsham's article and many others in this historic Pentecostal Evangel.
Chaplains Connect Churches with Needs of Foster Children -- (04/09/2014)
AG chaplains Gary and Tammie Webb focus exclusively on connecting churches with kids in foster care group homes, through their nonprofit ministry OCJ Kids (Opportunity, Community and Justice for Kids). The Webbs are working to meet foster-care needs in Arizona, Texas, Oregon and Mississippi.
Minute Man Volunteers Keep Church Open -- (04/09/2014)
Volunteer efforts of a Minute Man group, headed by area leader Brad Carlson, an Assemblies of God pastor, help Skokomish Indian Assembly of God repair its church so it could remain open.
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