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Pastor Jim Rugg

Hello Friends,

I believe we have rounded the corner so to speak, we've survived some pretty cold weather elements, and we have the hope of spring beginning real soon. What I like about spring is the emergence of new life, that which was dormant comes to life, and the belief of what we sow will come to pass. Example: last fall I planted several bags of tulip bulbs in anticipation that after winter would come beautiful tulips. It is like this in our relationships ~ what you sow, so shall you reap. If you sow the fruit of the spirit through your life, the harvest is a tree of good fruit in your life.

As Jesus says in Matthew 12:35
"The good person out of the good treasure [within him] brings forth good [things], and the evil person out of the evil treasure [within him] brings forth evil [things].

I pray that you will look to the WORD and sow much good!!

Stay in prayer, Stay in the Word, Stay Connected

Pastor Jim

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AG Grows By Attracting New Generation -- (04/21/2014)
As the world continues to vie for the attention of the younger generation, the Assemblies of God is one of the few U.S. denominations where young people are flocking. Statistics indicate approximately 40 percent of the Fellowship's more than 3 million adherents are 25 and younger.
Africa's Hope Launches New Website -- (04/21/2014)
In addition to showcasing its ministries, the new Africa's Hope website also includes an interactive map of Africa. Click on the individual country to reveal the Bible schools and students Africa's Hope supports in that country.
This Week in AG History -- April 21, 1934 -- (04/21/2014)
Lula Bell Hough devoted her life to ministry, traveling as a missionary to China as a single, young woman where she would invest 45 years of her life. Read this historic 1934 report from Hough as well as hear her testimony in an audio interview!
A Centennial Pilgrimage to Hot Springs -- (04/17/2014)
Approximately 300 people gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Assemblies of God in Hot Springs, Arkansas, April 10-11. In addition to honoring the past and retracing the steps of the founding members of the Assemblies of God, those present experienced a powerful prayer and worship service, where the gifts of the Spirit were evident.
Plans for August AG Centennial Moving Forward -- (04/17/2014)
The Assemblies of God Centennial Celebration will take place August 5-10 in Springfield, Missouri. All services will be live-streamed and a prayer initiative called "Flock: Soar Together" will be offered for the 10 weeks leading up to the centennial event.
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